• Downtown Location

    Located on Cornwall Avenue across from the Leopold Hotel, we're smack dab in downtown Bellingham's shopping & business district.
  • Plenty of Room

    Over 1300 square feet of space with high 18-foot ceilings, allowing for plenty of room to gather.
  • Raised Platform / Stage

    Our space features a 13′ x 10′ raised wooden stage equipped with a projector screen and plenty of power outlets.
  • Retail / Gallery Ready

    Mesh, metal grates and slat-walls adorn the space and make for easy set-up and displaying of products or artwork.
  • A Fun, Creative Vibe

    Our space has been beautified by artist Yale Wolf, in the form of a mural depiction of Bellingham Bay with a giant neon sign reading "HEAVEN."
  • In-House Photo Booth

    Looking to commemorate your event with a photo booth? We have an entire production studio at your disposal.
  • Furnishings Provided

    We have a variety of folding chairs, fixed chairs, tables, and other furniture available to use at no extra cost.
  • Dog-Friendly Environment

    Dogs are welcome at your hosted events, so long as they can behave 😉

Our space is perfect for:

  • Pop-up Shops

    Our downtown location is prime for pop-up shops of all sorts.
  • Speaking Events & Lectures

    The stage is perfect for oratories, educational seminars, rants and proclamations.
  • Workshops

    We have all the fixin's for demonstrations, teaching events, and discussions.
  • Promotional Events

    Host a product launch party, or conduct a sacrilegious cult ritual (no blood, please).
  • Live Music

    Sound carries great in here for acoustic performances, or bring your own equipment for face-melting shreddage.
  • Brainstorming Lock-ins

    Group project? Try a change of scenery for a different perspective.
  • Gaming Events

    Host a Settlers of Catan, Rock-Paper-Scissors, or Super Smash Brothers tournament.
  • Art Shows

    Modern artist or curator? A less-traditional gallery setting might be just the thing.
  • Wedding Receptions

    Booking our space could be a great way to earn the scorn of your elders.
  • Your Weird Event

    Come investigate the Happy Place further and see if it's just the ticket!

Happy Place Floor Map

Map showing the Happy Place event space.

Rental Rates

  • Morning Rental

    6am – 9am


  • Evening Rental

    6pm – Midnight


  • Weekend Rental

    Flexible Hours


Non-Profit Discounts

Get a cheap deal for fundraisers, banquets, screenings, etc: just ask us about discounts for your good cause. If you are funneling Big Pharma dollars into Alt-Right Super PAC's, expect humiliating rejection.

Partner Events

Have a great idea with revenue potential? We're open to partnering with event organizers who are an ideal fit, and can even provide assistance via a custom landing page and social marketing campaign.

Let's get rolling.

Use the form below to start the booking process for your event or to ask us questions about the space.