• Downtown Location

    We're centrally located in downtown Bellingham's shopping & business district.

  • Plenty of Room

    Over 1300 square feet of space with high 18-foot ceilings, allowing for plenty of room to gather.

  • Stage

    Our space features a 13′ x 10′ raised wooden stage equipped with a projector screen and plenty of power outlets.

  • Retail / Gallery Ready

    Mesh, metal grates and slat-walls adorn the space and make for easy set-up and displaying of art or decorations.

  • A Fun, Creative Vibe

    Our space has been beautified by artist Yale Wolf with a mural of Bellingham Bay and the PNW region.

  • Game Tables

    Looking to throw down? We have two ping-pong tables and one foosball table available.

  • Furnishings included

    We have a variety of folding chairs, fixed chairs, tables, and other furniture available to use at no extra cost.

  • Dog-Friendly

    Dogs are welcome in our space, as long as they behave. Lions, tigers, and bears can also be admitted if your permits are in order.

Our space is perfect for:

  • Parties & Celebrations

  • Retreats & Workshops

  • Wedding Receptions

  • Business Events

  • Live Performances

  • Game Nights

Current rates:

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Dates are being reserved quickly in the post-Covid-lockdown rush to catch up on weddings, parties, and fun times with friends -- make sure to get your reservation booked well in advance! For inquiries about rates and availability, please use the form below: